Lizzy Leduc Fan Page


Lizzy Leduc was born on March 2, 1997 to Connie and Henry Leduc. She has an older sister named Crystal who use to be a gymnast. Lizzy started gymnastics at gym called Mihaiuc Gymnastics. She moved to Woodlands Gymnastics in 2006 and after Nationals in 2009 she switch to WOGA where she trained under Valeri Liukin & Dina Kamalova. She was a member of the National Team Training Squad. She is in 9th Grade and is home schooled. Lizzy was forced to sit out the 2011 season due to injury. (She sprained both her elbows.) Lizzy switched to Zenith Elite gymnastics in late 2011 where she now trains under Tatiana Schegolkova and Anatolie Toropov. When she's not in the gym she enjoy's hanging out with her friends and family, making videos and reading the Twilight Series.

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